Find more answers to your questions here!

    Find more answers to your questions here!


    The RSCI Assessment program is a tool tailored for the automotive industry to provide an industry solution which can be used by large multinationals as well as small and medium-sized companies.

    RSCI members contributed to and recognize this standard. It is the responsibility of each member to define the manner how assessments are used as a risk tool. 

    Yes, the standard has been developed based on internationally accepted conventions. However, for on-site inspections, local law always applies. A growing number of companies based outside of Germany is additionally strengthening the international idea of the RSCI.

    The RSCI Assessment Standard is a standard tailored to the automotive industry. Besides large organizations and OEMs, the tool is also suitable for small and medium-sized companies. The RSCI provides a platform for customers and suppliers to network and collaborate. 

    The RSCI Assessment Standard is a tool to meet requirements resulting from the LkSG: Ensure transparency along supply chains and identify as well as prevent and mitigate risks.


    Sustainability in the automotive industry can only be advanced by joint efforts. In the RSCI association, companies and organizations can exchange knowledge and benefit from each other. The RSCI is the ideal platform for making long-term progress in a cost- and time-efficient manner. Find out more about benefits here.

    An overview of the memberships and according fees can be downloaded here.

    To log in to RSCI-Online, please use the link.


    The procedure of an RSCI Assessment is explained here.

    The RSCI Assessment program focuses on sustainability requirements along global supply chains. During an assessment social compliance, occupational safety, and environmental protection parameters will be verified. More details you will find under DOWNLOADS.

    The RSCI Assessment program is a tailored tool for the automotive industry. Associations and companies of the automotive industry joined forces to established a user-friendly assessment standard. The focus is on manufacturing production entities.

    The scope of the assessment is mainly focusing on manufacturing production entities of the automotive industry and related industries.

    The costs of an RSCI Assessment are depending on factory size, country risk classification and availability of auditors. Based on the bidding process on the platform, assessment prices are offered individually. The payer of the assessment can choose between multiple offers from several audit bodies. 

    The AA is concluded between the auditee and the RBA to define responsibilities and the framework of an assessment. The AA is essential to initiate the assessment scheduling. 

    For operational questions concerning the assessment process, please contact rsci.responsiblebusiness.org.
    For questions concerning an already scheduled assessment, please contact the audit body that will perform the assessment.

    Detailed information on the RSCI Assessment Standard can be downloaded. Please see DOWNLOADS.


    RSCI Assessments may be conducted on 2nd or 3rd party basis. In case of 2nd party assessments, representatives of the customer will conduct the assessment. For 3rd party assessments, auditors of an accredited audit body will conduct the assessment. Both 2nd and 3rd party auditors will be trained comprehensively. Capacity of audit bodies worldwide is being expanded continously.

    Both, companies and associations, can become an RSCI member. Here you can find our members, including associations.

    The RBA is our partner in running the assessment program. This includes providing the RSCI-Online platform, selecting and training independent third-party audit bodies and managing the process of scheduling and conducting assessments.

    In order to perform RSCI Assessments, an accreditation process must be completed, which is administered by the RBA. Please contact rsci@responsiblebusiness.org.