Join RSCI!

    The RSCI enables companies to control and reduce risks along the supply chain. What you can expect from the RSCI

    • a tool, to assess and mitigate social and environmental risks through onsite verifications.
    • an assessment standard based on an audit protocol to create coherent requirements that can be shared and compared.
    • an important element to fulfil the legal requirements and expectations of other stakeholders.
    • based on the needs of the automotive industry with the approach to be more user friendly to small and medium-sized companies.

    Who can become a member.

    • companies in the automotive industry or other branches of the transport industry who are associated with the automotive industry through their business activities.
    • any legal entity willing and able to support the purpose of the Association and to make a material contribution in accordance with these Statutes.
    • associations or corporations whose members belong to the automotive industry or are closely associated with this industry through their business activities.

    Companies can choose one of the following two membership types: Basic membership or Full membership.

    Find out more about the membership types and fees in our download list.

    Associations or corporations can become members free of charge.

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