Enhancing sustainability with a consistent standard and joint forces.

    Enhancing sustainability with a consistent standard and joint forces.

    On the way to sustainable supply chains and fair business conduct, it is essential to join forces and proceed in a consistent manner. The automotive industry is already aligned - with the RSCI Assessment Standard, the goal of conducting partnership-based and solution-oriented on-site inspections is pursued.

    The RSCI Assessment strives for more transparency on sustainability along the supply chain and may be a supportive tool to ensure compliance towards legal legislations, such as supply chain due diligence regulations.

    By using the tool, members will be able to identify risks in their supply chain and will be enabled to develop their suppliers.

    Auditees have the option to undergo just one assessment and share the results with clients. This reduces costs and effort and helps to focus on improvements and development.

    By using a smart assessment system, companies will be enabled to get connected based on a centrally controlled system.

    Members and auditees will have access to RSCI-Online which provides a comprehensive overview of assessments, improvements and the follow-up process.

    The RSCI Assessment Standard is tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. It can be rolled out at manufacturing entities all over the globe. During an assessment, the applicable local law will apply. Therefore, we have the aim to build auditors’ capacities in all sourcing areas, so that it is ensured to roll out the audits with local experts.

    The assessment parameters and requirements are focusing on social and environmental due diligence. While developing the standard, already established conventions and standards, such as ILO or SDGs of the UN Global Compact, have been considered and are reflected. However, it is a tailored solution of the automotive industry, focusing on those items and parameters that are relevant for the industry.

    If we really want to shape a sustainable future, we have to follow a holistic approach. It is important to make instruments available for others and offer practical support solutions. With initiatives like RSCI, we will benefit from first-hand experience and high-quality synergies.
    Helmut PhilippDeputy Chairman of the RSCI Board