The RSCI Assessment is an integral part of exercising due diligence throughout the automotive supply chain and is a key component of the work by the RSCI Association. The voluntary assessment standard was developed with stakeholders from the automotive industry and the VDA. It evaluates the conformity of an assessed location to the RSCI Assessment Requirements with regards to social compliance as well as occupational safety and environmental protection.

    In addition, it offers transparent and comparable assessment results that can be shared by the Auditee on a web-based platform with the ultimate goal of mutual recognition to avoid multiple assessments by different customers of the Auditees. The RSCI Assessment Label confirms that, based on the RSCI Assessment Requirements and Protocol, no indications of fundamental or critical non-conformities were found.

    The RSCI Assessment scope and application: 

    A RSCI Assessment can be requested by all legal entities striving to be assessed against the RSCI Assessment Standard through the management system.

    For now, the the RSCI Assessment is recommended primarily for production facilities in the manufacturing sector.