A tailored program fitting best for the needs of the automotive industry.

    A tailored program fitting best for the needs of the automotive industry.

    The Basic Characteristics

    An RSCI Assessment can be requested by all legal entities striving to be assessed against the RSCI Assessment Standard through the management system and is recommended primary for production facilities in the manufacturing sector.

    What else applies to the RSCI Assessment Standard?

    The centrally controlled assessment system can be used by both, auditees and members, considering the confidentiality of collected data.

    Audit bodies and auditors need to undergo an application process, including an RSCI training course conducted by our Partner RBA. Besides conducting third party assessments, we provide the option of second party assessments. Especially for second party assessments conducted by member companies, we have strict regulations to ensure liability and value.

    The main goal of the initiative is to avoid multiple assessments. This can be ensured by sharing the results. Auditees are able to share their assessment results with customers on the platform at any time.

    Besides the regular reporting of the assessment, a label is issued upon passing the audit. The validity period of the label depends on the result. Auditees can improve their label status at any time through a follow-up assessment.

    The Assessment Parameters

    The automotive industry has set a voluntary standard to strive for more transparency on social and ecological compliance within the supply chain. During an assessment, the conditions of labor rights, health and safety, environmental compliance and supply chain management will be verified on-site.

    Based on the requirements and regulatory directives that apply to companies and organizations, the standard is constantly being developed and may be adjusted accordingly.